This little light of mine

We are expending so much energy in surviving all the pokes: judgments, assumptions, defenses, and demands we spew out to each other and lash upon ourselves, which is keeping us from

 being able to see clearly… reality…life literally.

We have not been shown how to make an unbiased observation, but to filter everything in the fear funnel and make a fictitious evaluation.

 We then create a bubble around our minds prohibiting us from perceiving another’s point of view. And then we poke ourselves and each other, over and over.  I am tired of defending, deprecating, and poking. Are you? My armor is uncomfortable, running my defensive play is exhausting, it’s weighing me down and dimming my light.

We need something to unite us, something we can all understand…universal mutuality;

A way to burst all our bubbles…blast our brightness…illuminate our individuality!

Reclaim and re-awaken reverence and respect for everyone’s dignity,

Enlarge the spotlight to include all of the stars: the whole of humanity.

Fumbly, frazzled,and funky folks that form the Human Family.

And Guess what???

We ALL have the same universal human values.

We all value/need/desire nourishment, health, vitality, security, safety, equality, freedom, expression, beauty, meaning, love, acceptance, acknowledgment

There are many I could fill a page at least.


(click on collage for a closer/clearer view)

What quality of life do you yearn to experience??

All of our thoughts, words, and actions are all strategies in order to have a certain kind of experience in life. We can call these our desires, yearnings, needs or values.

For example, I feel hunger.   I think that I will satisfy my hunger with food. To myself, I voice my choice to find food and I consider my possibilities. “Hmmm apple or orange?” Then I actively walk towards my refrigerator to select some fruit.  The values I want to experience are nourishment, fulfillment, and quality of life/health. (Sometimes I choose chips because I think they will contribute to an experience of comfort. Actually though, not so much.)

Because I wanted to share this concept with children, I searched for a way to explain it that they could grasp.  The song “This Little Light of Mine” came to mind.   I think it has a universal relevance and I’d guess that most children have heard it.

** Oh, how I will be eternally grateful for all the music makers who provide for us so much material to help us celebrate our connection and increase understanding.**

When our precious values are present in our life, we are enriched while experiencing them.

Our little lights become brighter and bigger…we feel/come ALIVE!!!

We are ALL more Who We Really Are, when we have our needs met for some of the following.

autonomy, authenticity, physical nurturance, celebration, integrity, play, spiritual communion, interdependence, comfort, support

Values are your driving force in life; they are why you think, say, and do everything, a desire to experience a certain quality of life or a value lived out!

When I am listening to live music and have space to surrender to the sound and be a dancing dervish, I feel exhilarated, energized, engaged, excited, free, and freaky. All those feelings are my clues, spoken in the language of my soul, that I was experiencing these values in my life; creativity, expression, interaction, fun, appreciation of musical art, and play. I have a NEED for PLAY!  When there is playfulness, I am much more sincere, shiny, silly, and I exude loving energy, a version of Maria that is beaming with light eager to illuminate those around her.

Having our needs met not only benefits us, we all benefit when our lights are bright, illuminating our interconnection.

When we hold all of our needs/values equally,

we can more easily live peacefully.

Feelings are not thoughts, thoughts are not feelings. “I feel like you don’t listen to me.” In this statement there is not one single word that describes a human emotion. I am guessing this person may be feeling annoyed and hurt, yearning to be acknowledged and considered?

When I am at a show and I am so squished together with fellow fans we can barely move, and there are plastic bottles and trash practically everywhere I look, I feel annoyed, frustrated, discouraged, seriously bummed, because I really value space, movement, safety, beauty, consideration, and shared reality. I yearn to be around others who want to contribute to creating community around music, and participate in making the experience more enjoyable for everyone. In the past, I have said this about my fellow concert goers, “They are selfish and sloppy and the people who own venues and put on shows are inconsiderate and greedy.”  Which statements allow you to really understand and visualize my experience, and resonate with my human experience and the feelings I felt? Which one do you think will lead to a more considerate dialogue, more compassion, and a possibility for resolution?

How are you feeling today???

Absorbed, alarmed, dazzled, disenchanted, serene, shaky, fascinated, furious, radiant, reluctant, enlivened, embarrassed, grateful, gloomy, splendid, scared, relieved, repelled, amused, agitated, perky, perplexed, free, forlorn, interested, indifferent, touched, troubled, wonderful, wretched, spellbound, shocked, touched, tepid, cool, cross, invigorated, irritated, gratified, guilty, enchanted, edgy, merry, mopey, hopeful, hostile, effervescent, exasperated, curious, confused, delighted, dejected, blissful, blue, thrilled, terrified, wide-awake, weary, stimulated, spiritless, upbeat, unglued, inspired, intense, jubilant, jittery, mellow, mad, eager, exhausted, cheerful, cold, breathless, broken-hearted, aroused, afraid, intrigued, impatient, tender, traumatized, sensitive, suspicious, affectionate, aloof, delighted, depressed.


Author: Maria

I'm a Metaphysically Mystified mUSe, Masseuse, and Mediator. Cosmic college educated, side-stream explorer, energetic facilitator of healing with a compassionate core. Passionate about promoting peace for all the precious priceless people of the planet while being perposterously playful and present. An aromaticaly Divine hip gypsy.....who surrenders to sound to shape the invisible. Synchronicities rock my world!

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