Celebrating Creativity

How could we not feel tempted and burning with desire to CREATE?!! We live on planet eARTh; our Divine Parents are the Master Creators of the Universe! It’s encoded in our DNA as a survival mechanism and a tool to express ourselves. There is no denying we are creative, innovative, and immensely imaginative. Being surrounded by contrasting energies of love and fear provides a perfect catalyst to ignite souls, enliven minds, and put hands to work.  The pure love and light from the Universe penetrates through to our physical reality, providing a never ending supply of sparks to keep the flames of creation alight.

This innate human trait of creativity is also laden with feeling; tingly sensations of joy from making soulful sounds, fulfillment after sharing your story in an original way, or the relief of releasing a pain through a catharsis with paint.  And that is just for the artist/creator. Then there is the art appreciator, who is feeling a deep sense of peace and serenity, cherishing every note, or deeply connected to our shared humanity while receiving another’s vulnerability; maybe even lonely and sad while allowing another’s release to gently provoke their own needed mourning. This interchange is a way for our souls to communicate and connect.  Through our shared expressions, we draw into all of our lives more connection, harmony, beauty, aesthetics, inspiration, authenticity, sharing, celebration, mourning, healing, hope, fun, play, shared reality, intimacy, love, peace

Celebrating creativity (click on collage for a closer/clearer view)

Hopefully, once our creative reservoir is tapped, we realize that we can apply this impulse to every area of our life. Creativity does not always produce a tangible creation. Take cleaning for example. We can take the time to arrange the stuff in our lives in a way we find more ordered and aesthetically pleasing.  We can allow our inquisitive minds to muse on a completely new way to approach a roadblock in a relationship. And we can reinvent our body (our canvas) by decorating ourselves with a new concoction, all from our own closet.  I believe that when you allow yourself complete freedom to express yourself in any way, shape, or form you fancy, your life will become full of infinite possibilities.

This will enable you to approach life with a new perspective that allows for acknowledgement and appreciation of all the artistic influences surrounding you. Art is everywhere! I invite us all to take the time to relish each original approach and each produced creation as if each were framed and hanging in the Louvre.

Slowly savor and soak up every detail; just stare at creation shared, whether it be a new invention, a piece of pottery, a hair style, a child’s finger painting, the lines of a dress, a picture of a landscape, a culinary labor of love, or the subtle bass line in a song..take it all in! Imagine the attention the artist gave to his or her conception and be curious as to their source of inspiration. Allow yourself to be with whatever feeling comes up in response; honor what they produced and how it has contributed to your life. Why? Because I believe by doing this, you will add more connection, serenity, peace, and gratitude to your life and increases the likelihood of happiness. And why do I want to try and inspire you to treat each creation with more reverence? Because I believe we are being tricked into thinking that ‘more is better’ and therefore missing out on the bliss we could be feeling if we saw all of our beautiful creations as billions of blessings of beauty.

I also believe our Mama Earth would appreciate it if we gave more consideration to how  we use Her World, encompassing all of Her masterpieces of materials, for our human-made works.  Everything we make, no matter how manufactured or processed, all began in the bowels of the Earth as raw material. Hopefully more will stop and think. Is this new product worth the price that the Earth will pay? How is it contributing to the quality of human life? How long will it be of use? Can it be made by re-using something else, instead of harvesting more fresh material? How long will it take just for the packaging to decompose? By doing this, you get the added bonus of exhilaration when you apply even more innovative energy to your creation.


Wring em’ out and soak up every drop of potential!!

Revere that piece of Earth and allow it to contribute


Stick with that resources’ rhythm and ride it hard!!

Revel in the feeling of

Invincible capability

Survival-like ingenuity

And be a Bad-Ass human who gives a sh!t…

About future generations that would like us to leave some natural resources, clean air, water, and soil so they can create too! Otherwise generations of today may become known as the ‘selfish, silly sheep who went bah bah for STUFF.’

I do not think all of our stuff is a soulful expression of creation.

Uninspired stuff happens when economies rely on producing products as their main source of energy to make the money wheel go round. Then we just make ‘stuff’, to sell ‘stuff,’ to end up stuffing our homes and engorging our landfills. All this excess of stuff, (often made cheaply, so even if it does serve a purpose it won’t be able to fulfill it for very long,) I believe is severely decreasing our quality of life.

And who said we have to make something to contribute to the world economy? Many people use their creative energy to be of service to each other. And, honestly, I think most people would benefit more from a personal trainer, a professional organizer, a nutritionist, a life coach, a retreat, a dance class, a massage, or mediation for a troubling relationship, than the newest trendy gadget.  Investing in a service can last a life-time; the acquisition of a product (via credit) can add interest. The more, more, more is often equaling debt, debt, debt!

I’ll end with a mother’s request. I try so hard to teach my child where true happiness lies: in self-expression, human connection, playfulness, love, family, creativity… Unfortunately, I have a very worthy adversary sending messages that sugar, stuff, and screens are what makes us happy. I have not seen commercials with parents being present and playful with their children, or kids getting excited to try new colors of bell peppers.  Kids don’t try to ‘one up’ one another on the playground with ”Well my Mom wrestles with me!” It’s more like, “I have an iPod touch, what do you have?” Or, “I have a 3DS, is that only a DS Lite?”

Is this how we want our children to interact? Do you want to add to these messages they are receiving?

Would you be willing to consider how you may be contributing to a consciousness of materialism and then ask yourself if that is what you want to encourage?

How about we mend our failed materialistic approach to finding happiness, and slow down and SAVOR our unlimited Masterpieces of Creativity.


Author: Maria

I'm a Metaphysically Mystified mUSe, Masseuse, and Mediator. Cosmic college educated, side-stream explorer, energetic facilitator of healing with a compassionate core. Passionate about promoting peace for all the precious priceless people of the planet while being perposterously playful and present. An aromaticaly Divine hip gypsy.....who surrenders to sound to shape the invisible. Synchronicities rock my world!

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