Broken Balance part 1 of 2

How I believe our home has become what it is now…

Thousands of years ago before our world became a place of power struggles and violence I believe there were many humans who lived on Earth knowing and celebrating their Divine nature. Earth was like a sandbox that our Divine parents created for us to play together. Our play consisted of all the varieties of relationships, experiences and tools of Creation. This was all for the joy and glory of experiencing our Divine nature in human form on eARTh. Through our earthly play we remember that the truth of our soul is Love and that in reality we are all one.

Our Divine Papa’s love was like being surrounded by a golden bubble of loving protective energy while riding on a cloud that constantly supports, offers guidance and navigates our lives towards our purpose and highest happiness. And our Divine Mama’s love was like having soft rose petals soothing our troubled hearts and pain, along with a teddy bear to hold and provide the comfort of knowing that we are always loved and never alone.

Sadly this playful existence came to an end after humans fueled on fear, (who I would guess were not aware of their Divine parents unconditional love and support) used their craving for power muscled with masculine might to control other humans.  Unfortunately they did not view these humans as a part of their extended family. Over time these invaders managed to destroy our memory of our Divine parents love, essentially bursting our bubbles and ripping away our clouds, roses and teddy bears. And to make it even worse they replaced our vision of a harmonious Family with a warped cultural myth which includes only a male god that judges us and will even abandon us and send us to an eternity of torture if we do not follow his strict demands. Blasted by a boulder the balance between men and women bent out of alignment. Now there was only one god and he was male and women were demoted to and not considered as equally divine as males. This occurred to the extent that women were blamed for anything those in power did not want to take responsibility for, they did not want, they did not agree with and anything they did not like.  After this tragic twist I imagine us all as babies crying uncontrollably after being separated from our Mother to be parented by a harsh Father. It reminds me of how Anakin Skywalker must have felt when he had to leave his Mother to stay a slave in order to become a Jedi…it’s no wonder this experience exponentiated the amount of fear on this planet.  We miss our Mama!!   The gifts that our Mother/Goddess once gave so freely to the world, her nurturing, wisdom and intuition were overridden with distorted and overly expressed energies of masculine power. Bye-bye Peace and Love, hello violence.

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Seems pretty bleak and hopeless, however there is a big ray of hope that is always shining, because no matter what our very fearful siblings have done, absolutely nothing could ever diminish, or even touch our Divine parents’ love for us. In a chaotic ever changing world, a comforting constant remains; you are always supported, you are always loved.

When two equally divinely created genders are earthy manifested with such drastic inequality the results have a devastating impact.  We lost the remembrance of our One-ness.  We became fueled on fear, ruled by men who loved power and control. We became pitted against one another, our minds poisoned with judgment encouraging us to provoke and poke each other. We were raised by a hypocritical fake father figure who tells us not to judge one another while he judges us, as if he struck our Mother and then turned around and told us it was wrong to hit our sister! He taught us how to judge and how to find fault in ourselves and others. Knowing our father had such impossible standards to meet, we were unable to accept ourselves and became wired to judge ourselves, each other and every circumstance and experience. This corrupted our minds, affecting our language to become verbally violent with all of our evaluative diagnosing, blaming, comparing and competiveness. Of course we would feel the need to compare and compete; our most basic equality had been erased.  And of course if our communication is full of competition our behavior would follow suit creating a desire for dominance leading to a drastically dysfunctional distribution of resources and physical violence from school yard fights to world warring.

Relationships between men and women suffered a severe wound to the possibility of creatively combining their uniqueness into masterpieces of Unity.  Even as young infants and boys, males were encouraged and expected to exhibit these over the top masculine behaviors, which often meant an inhumane amount of nurturing. To compensate for the loss of womanly nurturing, I think men replaced it with an obsession of woman’s physicality. Just look at the breast, what was once seen as a body part designed to nurture and sustain life became overly sexualized to the point that many feel uncomfortable when it is actually used for its purpose! From birth a baby girl was not acknowledged for her full potential, parents were often more concerned with her appearance to ensure she will be married, rather than what gifts she has to contribute to the world. Beauty became a woman’s most valued attribute; where we once would appreciate the beauty in all of life, we now size up and compare against programmed ideals.

Healthy holistic relationships are based on mutual respect and honesty, how likely is that to happen when our world has not collectively agreed that we are different, yet equally worthy.  The beautiful gift of our sexuality created to celebrate the connection of intimate relationships and literally make love, which could provide limitless pleasure, has increasingly become so distorted with the sacredness being ignored that a lot of sex on this planet is only expressed as love-less lust with a severe consequent decrease in the level of bliss.

This is just a brief summary of what I perceive to be the most devastating repercussions inflicted upon our world directly related to the imbalance between the feminine and the masculine.  In the follow up to this post I will explore how this has affected our inner world and brought all this violence and dysfunction into our moment to moment experience with some ideas for liberating ourselves from all the fear which has kept us separated from the Unity our soul’s desire.


Author: Maria

I'm a Metaphysically Mystified mUSe, Masseuse, and Mediator. Cosmic college educated, side-stream explorer, energetic facilitator of healing with a compassionate core. Passionate about promoting peace for all the precious priceless people of the planet while being perposterously playful and present. An aromaticaly Divine hip gypsy.....who surrenders to sound to shape the invisible. Synchronicities rock my world!

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