Broken Blance part 2 of 2

To be clear I am not a history scholar or anthropologist, I have not been to Divinity School and I hold no degree…however I am curious so I have done my own research, which ignited my own pondering and inspired the creation of an analogy to aid in understanding.  So to try to explain my own theory of how humanity has suffered since the driving out of our Divine Mother, I will use animals and well known cultural characters to explain how I believe our personality has been internally divided feuding between our true nature and our self still suffering from our collective wounds and co-created fears, which have been pilling up over the millennia.

I am a bit worried because the first animal I am going to use has gotten such a bad rap in religious stories and Hollywood movies, the snake. Before the fear fueled “invaders” instigated such a drastic change, (3500 BCE) when our Divine Mother, the Great Goddess was still the patroness of all animals,  the snake was sacred to her and represented her Wisdom, a far cry from the story about the tempting animal in the garden or the hissing villainous animal of the movies. This sacred snake offered the gift of experience which opened the door to wisdom. When Wisdom was abandoned for power, our snake suffered a tremendous wound, so deep and deadly was this injury that the snake has become fearful and understandably, if you were blamed for instigating all the “sin” in the world, defensive!!  The snake once protected the Divine Light and Wisdom of the World and in each of us we have our own snake that protects our own individual Divine Light. This light desires to shine out into the world, although many of us hold back, the wound that was inflicted on the World is felt as our own personal wound too and we are afraid of being further hurt.  Our scales serve in providing armor for our pain from our deeply imbedded fears and the unaccepted aspects of our being.  This pain is already so much to bear on our own we certainly want to try and avoid having it be brought to the surface, exposed and further injured. Our snake really doesn’t want to hurt anyone; she actually feels incredibly hurt and scared herself.  However if someone is able to get too close and starts prying under her scales (which is similar to the feeling of having your fingernail pulled back from your skin) she can become triggered, her pain poked and her protective reflex activated.  Having no appendages to swat away an attack, she only has her mouth and her muscle. If you get past the security of the scale and uncover that deep, deep wound, WATCH OUT, you just might get bit or painfully squeezed.


(click on collage for a closer/clearer view)

Wanting to avoid fighting and try and nurse her wound and find comfort, she found a guard, a large and ferocious dog with a wicked bark to warn and ward off anyone or anything that triggers her pain, fears and insecurities.  The triggering doesn’t even need to be directly aimed at us, could be many things in this warped world that remind us of how painful our wounds have become.  Sometimes if someone has let lose their own vicious dog to poke and provoke you, your dog may not be enough and the snake may strike out in defense. Also he may turn on you like a double crossing defense attorney, feeling annoyed that you can’t just get over your wound and heal so he doesn’t have to bark all the time, so he lets you know this by barking and blaming you. While our dog may be our snakes guard he also has an owner, she is the one who “sets the dog” on ourselves and others, he merely blindly barks a bunch of bad blaming blows at whomever she orders him to. Some refer to her as the “Bloody Red Queen.” Have you heard of her?  Unable to accept herself for her perceived imperfections and weaknesses, combined with her fear that she is not good enough, she harshly judges others.  Her saving grace would be to learn to wholly accept her imperfect self as imperfectly perfect.   Because she has not learned to embrace her entirety, she will also find herself unable to accept the rest of humanity, which inhibits her own and humanity’s healing.  It takes an embracing, owning and accepting of all that we are ashamed of and label as bad, or evil to truly heal and transform her and our world. While her tyrants are certainly not pleasant or peaceful, she does serve us in allowing us to see clearly where we our stuck in our accepting and need work, she also shines a light on what we Value in life. Often when we judge, maybe a corporation as being greedy or inhumane in how they treat their workers, as evil fat cats with no souls, because we value equality and the well-being of others and we feel very angry that these Values are not being upheld by this company.  Also we likely see at least a bit of ourselves that we are hiding from, maybe a time when we were not as generous and considerate as we aspire to be. If you go around threating to behead everyone you disagree with, you are unlikely to be heard for those Values, you will be encouraging more violence.

Wow that’s a lot to juggle all at once, it’s exhausting, all the evaluating and our throats are sore from all the growling, how can we escape this madness?  During these times, which can be quite frequently we often allow our inner Piglet center stage.  He is scccccccared with all the pppppoking and tired of being in so much ppppain and is just trying to feel a little bbbbbbeeetter. Piglet tries to find the comfort that was lost with the stealing of our bubbles, clouds, roses and teddy bears, with protective padding, also known as addictions. Piglets have many options to choose from, food, drugs, cigarettes, shopping, stuff, gambling, loveless sex, cheating, stealing, excessive working, lying, alcohol, etc. to numb the pain of what was lost.  Addictions have become our poor substitute for the comfort and support that was taken away and unfortunately they do the opposite of loving support because they actually decrease our quality of life. Many do not even know what they are missing, just that in life there is too little lasting comfort so we use what we can find to at least take the sting away. And of course the Queen just loves this because this gives her ammunition to come up with bullying names like junkie, fatso, stupid smoker, irresponsible gambler, vain vixen, materialistic earth hater, etc..

Wait!! We still have lives to live, we can’t get totally lost in piglet mode, we have school to attend, jobs to work at, families to support, purposes and passions to pursue, we need  a strong will to survive and a fire in our bellies to fuel us to keep moving.  So we segue into our formidable feline, sauntering in with a serious stare and a sleek swagger. She is ferociously focused, quick and nimble and determined to go hunting; dedicate herself to her work to provide and prosper.  While this persona certainly has its usefulness in motivating us to reach for more fulfilling lives, sometimes this aspect has dominance and we become obsessed with being the top cat and/or trying to forget about all the pain and messiness underneath. While some bravado can help us conjure up bravery and gusto, too much can further separate us from the rest of the pack. No worries, there is a balance to be found!  If we think of us all as a family in feline form, I envision us pouncing and nipping at each other and tumbling around, although at the end of the day I believe we are able to do as real cat packs do in the wild, when the cubs huddle close together with their mama, and lick each other’s wounds, offering and receiving the comfort we all desire.  Our roughhousing and snuggling is literally learning through play the balance in the art of relationship.

My hope is that we are able to utilize the opposing forces on Earth as an impulse to create and manifest more desirable circumstances for everyone.  We can alchemize the inherent love and joyfulness of our Divine nature with the fear and pain that accompany being human. Our pain can be our incentive to push us towards our potential and purpose using the joy of imagination and play and letting out inner “Mad Hatter” out of his confinement.  Our  inner child comes out when we nurture our Mad Hatter and we revel in the joy of creation on planet eARTh in all its many medias of art, problem solving, peace-making, designing, drama, sports, cooking, inventing, etc… There are limitless ways to combine the forces of our Divinity with the tools of humanity to Create!! We can harness our pain to become the catalyst to create a more enjoyable life that supports our Divine Purpose.

Unfortunately some of us never really allow this creative genius to flourish because we allow yet and another persona to be shoved around, hypnotized with media manipulation, controlled with fear, while having our insecurities poked and being purposely pushed to succumb to our addictions, as naïve and silly sheep.  Unfortunately many want to herd us into one limited way of thinking that upholds the imbalanced masculine ways of life, ruled by power and dominance. Many of us even choose families and circumstances that provide quite a challenge to find our way out of a “sh!tty” pasture, when those around us seem oblivious to the fact that they are being unconsciously led away from their true potential for happiness and fulfillment. My hope is that those who have ditched the tyrant herder will learn to offer their hands by way of gently and honestly sharing awareness so we can create a new flock of true democracy built on compassion and love.

If we could re-member our Divinity and allow the Divine back into our lives we can rest on our clouds, while being soothed with rose petals with the caring company of a cozy teddy bear all the while being protected from fear inside our golden bubbles. From this perspective I think of myself as an alien, a space traveler who is visiting Earth in an attempt to evolve my soul through the healing of my snake, the taming of my dog , the accepting of my bloody Queen, and the liberation of my sheep, so my inner light can shine through the creative endeavors of my Mad Hatter. I can wrestle with my sibling cubs knowing that we are one large Fumbly Family of Freaks that like to have fun and enjoy the holiness of play! We can share our lives within the World Tree that offers us the fruit of knowledge, whose seeds mature within us through our experience and become Divine Wisdom.


Author: Maria

I'm a Metaphysically Mystified mUSe, Masseuse, and Mediator. Cosmic college educated, side-stream explorer, energetic facilitator of healing with a compassionate core. Passionate about promoting peace for all the precious priceless people of the planet while being perposterously playful and present. An aromaticaly Divine hip gypsy.....who surrenders to sound to shape the invisible. Synchronicities rock my world!

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