Dear Material girl, with love from a tree hugger girl

 Women of the World Unite

I think Jim Morrison is right

Am so ready to end this silly fight

Could we together enjoy Turkish delight?

Two monkey bar raging rebels

Lets lead our pack of Divine devils

Wanna be my pyro conspirator?

Gotta skirt needing another igniter

I have a hunch and a hope that your inner lioness

Might join me releasing lingering repressiveness

Your unrelenting roar has already proven itself hot enough to start fires

Plenty of pop power to puncture and burst my bubble lined with blinders

I was just one whole hand of age, reaching for yours with wide-eyed fascination

Incomparable, intense individuality ignited and illuminated my imagination

You and I spent hours in my basement while I learned to dance freely without hesitation

An innocent and pure relationship between artist and fan, was so easy, no complication

So many precious memories of tingle mania with your music, such magical connection

Bonds like this want to prove their strength and forge through much trial and tribulation

Been mourning all my shame, blame, insecurities, silly stories, fueling feelings of intimidation

My sensitive self gets scared sensing and seeing so much comparing and competition

I presumed and assumed, pressured and poked, reacted with retaliation

My truest me underneath, has been devoted to cooperation and collaboration


(Click on collage for closer/clear view)

You see….

I’ve been dreaming and creating my ideal euphoric planet

Everyone is Be-You-ti-Full, no need for embellishment

Prioritized attention to our happiness and enjoyment

All know they are inherently worthy

Assured of our Good-ness and Divinity

 Nothing worth a compromise to our life’s quality

Anything we might choose to use to highlight our beauty

Would be made of real and raw mama made purity

Each of our Goddess made physicality’s are celebrated

There’s no jealousy or contrasting, so beauty here is not flaunted

Flaunting or celebrating, upon consideration, is our own personal perception

It lies inside each, what is your intention?

I do perceive on Earth, some seem to be engaged in a non-stop beauty competition

Not all of us want to participate our lives have stronger callings requiring our concentration

 All are in the battle against insecurity, poisons in products, our own and others’ condemnation

I have gotta help us heal these dis-eases, disillusions, all the debilitating dysfunction

Allowing health and our innate beauty to blossom easily, a part of a natural reaction

My ideal is quite a bit off from the reality of Earth

A dream I can’t let go of and keep burning in my hearth

I took your take on a literal material world as a threat

In lyrics I heard we are not all beautiful, this stirred up quite a fret

Can you hear the people in my socio-economic class?

All the breath they spend and energy they consume being envious

Precious Priceless people prone to perishing while pining

Oblivious to  our one-ness, while in a trance of obsessing

Me, just sitting around like a silly girl? Only 4 minutes to save the world!!

Excuse me while I freak out, you’re right, not always fun to have all that to hold!!

Lots of spiritual schooling, sacrificing and simplifying

Am also no stranger to non-stop multi-tasking

And not above a good hardy bout of defending

Shudder at pokes, although got no problem dishing em’out, Miss Mogul Material

Silly to me to be pushing lots of products while we got picked pockets and a planet in peril!

I’ve written many words in explanation asking for some more careful consideration

So hoping that there can be given to all our challenges, exchanges of appreciation

By like having an actual conversation!

Clear up my confusions, express my concerns

Receive your explanations, tribulations,

I have plenty of passion

 To be an empathetic ear,

using the full capacity of my heart’s compassion

Cuz I’m fucking sick of all the assuming, accusing, bashing and blaming

And I am very aware how often I do not express my concerns after empathizing

Not exactly an easy task when you have no space for private venting and brain-storming!!!

Giving much consideration to how addicting our man-made creations can be, we got so many things!!!

To ingest, inhale, inject, purchase, play, partake, consume, covet, crave… whatever dulls all the stings

The core of my compassion is centered in this Truth…ALL of us had our golden bubbles burst, our clouds condemned, our bears banished and our roses ransacked.. what can we expect ourselves to do? So much of what could have comforted us was distorted and demolished thousands and thousands of years ago…

I will not stand for this!!!


What are we going to do?

Fabulously freaky Feminine Feline

 Devotedly Daring, Deliciously Divine

Am honored to call you a Sister of mine

Do you think it is time that we surrender

Honestly openly unabashedly to one another?

I think it’s time to for a Holiday

Holy shit do I need to get away!

To me you are a Divine Goddess

Got nothing to do with your dress

Extra-Ordinary force of expression you deliver

Guts and Gusto that can get men and women to quiver

Nothing can diminish my love for you, especially not a wrinkle

All I see is a soul so strong and bright and your love light twinkle

Hard to wait until I can hold you in my arms and relish the tingle

What do you say

Crafty co-creator

Willing to come together

As Maternal Mediators

Rally and Empower our Sisters

Blow the minds of our Brothers

Fulfill our commitment to live out Acceptance

Cherish and Celebrate all our Difference

 Represent and Respect each of our flavors of feminine

Work to Unite the Women of the World for a big win!?!?


Author: Maria

I'm a Metaphysically Mystified mUSe, Masseuse, and Mediator. Cosmic college educated, side-stream explorer, energetic facilitator of healing with a compassionate core. Passionate about promoting peace for all the precious priceless people of the planet while being perposterously playful and present. An aromaticaly Divine hip gypsy.....who surrenders to sound to shape the invisible. Synchronicities rock my world!

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