I’ve spent several posts describing the perilous prison in which we are held captive through the power of our poisoning; when our shadow is debuting. I think it’s about time to offer some antidotes, now that I’ve depicted the depressing state of our imbalanced world. So I’ll share a system that I strive to use daily to maintain a mindfulness that mirrors the Wisdom of Love.

Distracted, depressed, blaming out, bashing in, anxious, angry, listless, or lonely, however your experience is far less than ideal, you likely do not want it to linger long. Fear has wiggled and wormed its way into your thinking, and you feel disconnected from yourself, others and your Source. There are unlimited ways to re-connect, and I hope you use your sense of play and pretend to create some for yourself. Here is what I thunk up 😉

Maria Mindfulness Plan

It just so happens that I could easily make it rhyme, which helps it to be much more memorable, as does alliteration 😉

Link Pinkies
Give Empathy
Let It Be
Embrace Humanity
Accept we’re all fumbly

Natural Power

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Link Pinkies

When you were a child, did do you ever make a pinky swear, that super serious ritual of making a supreme promise? Have you ever made one with yourself? I decided to do that and when I am feeling disconnected, I try and remind myself to honor my promise by making my own personal pinky swear. I link my two pinkies together and say the promise out loud or to myself, “My truth is love.” It is a simple place to start and I find symbolic and physical reminders act as a helpful lead for my brain to follow. It can also be used as a mantra to repeat to remind you of your inherent goodness. It also acts as a first scrape to carve out some space for you to give yourself some self-love and re-connect to the present moment.

What I am describing is a process that works for me, that is very mutable and adaptable to the circumstances that I am currently in at the time. I do not always follow the plan in order, and do not always use all the steps. I am explaining the steps  in the order it came to me when I created it.


Next I work with energy. Everything is made of energy, and because we are part of this energetic matrix that comprises the Universe, we have the ability to utilize it for our advantage. On earth, we have two opposing energies, fear and love. When I am in these situations where I feel some kind of undesirable state, too much fear has built up inside of me, and through thinking fear- based thoughts, I am attracting more. So I do what we do with things that we don’t want anymore. I recycle them. I imagine, thus create, a green spinning vortex at the base of my spine that sucks up all the fear and toxins in my body, then sends them down a tube that tunnels through the earth to its core and recycles all that fear into pure raw energy. Sometimes, I’ll move my hips in a circular motion as a kinesthetic enhancer. Once I have established my recycling, I draw into myself pure, loving energy as golden or white light streaming down through the crown of my head from my Divine Source of choosing.

Give Empathy

After I have done all that I am hopefully calmer and feeling more connected and what I have just described can happen in a matter of seconds. Sometimes, just the pinkie swear and a mantra brings me back to love. Often though, I need an empathetic prescription for the present, and preventative maintenance for the future, to fully nurture a loving state of mind. You could also call this applying the Widsom of Love. I recommend reading my post Empathy, A Way To Love Yourself for a really detailed description of this process. Empathy has the power to  transform our fear into love, by being very present to our feelings and discovering the underlying un-met need that they are reminding us about. The feelings are the key. While they can be destructive if we express them unchecked, they are also powerful tools if we recognize their potential to help us. This is probably easiest to explain with an example.

Yesterday, I was thinking discouraging thoughts about all that I want to accomplish, and how much harder it will be, because after 2 weeks of having a cold and finally starting to feel better, another one is coming on. This is adding to the fact that I recently found I have a foot sprain (I waited over a month to have it checked out), and after a week of exercises and icing it, is still hurting. My head is reeling with my anger about not being able to take a walk and dance.  And now to top it off, I have a sinus headache and am likely looking at another week or so of mending too much mucus. Ah, what I have here is a perfect opportunity to utilize my own mindfulness plan 🙂 So I am at the empathy stage; I give myself a second to name what I am feeling. What comes up is annoyance, discouragement, and sadness. My soul is sending me these messages to remind me that my needs for health, well-being, and vitality are not currently showing up in my life in their fullest capacity. Then I take time to honor these values. How much added quality and enjoyment of life I have when I am feeling energized, healthy, and light on my feet..amazing! I realized too that to experience health, well-being, and vitality, I can choose to contribute to them through my words/actions, and make strategies. I mourn how I feel, allow myself to feel sad that right now I don’t feel great, and then once I give that feeling space to be heard, acknowledge the needs they are spotlighting. I can decide that these values are so important to me that I am going to be proactive and get them back in my life. So I made a plan to make my ginger/garlic/cayenne/lemon concoction which always helps me feel better and to give myself Reiki healing energy when I am relaxing. I am still a little sad but also much more hopeful and empowered to contribute to feeling better!

Let It Be
Next is to remind myself that whatever I am experiencing, however undesirable, will pass. As the song goes, I try to “let it be” and not fight the experience which will only escalate the fear fueled feeling. Its embracing and accepting that whatever is showing up right now in your life has a reason and a purpose. In my example from this week, I am reminded of the need to nurture and care for my body, give myself some attention, and strengthen my belief in the power of healing. I am not going to lie, this is certainly not always easy and hopefully you will have enough experiences to know that when you resist what is happening, run from it, or fight it with anger, it likely did not end well, which can make this option all the more appealing, because now maybe you’ll have the opportunity to experience something new; an escape from your habitual shadow response that bars your inner peace.

I reinforce my commitment to…

Embrace Humanity
Accept we are all fumbly

The last two steps help me to avoid guilt and blame by reminding me that we have all been poisoned with fearful conditioning. We have all inherited a history of verbal and physical violence and it is a challenge for us all to overcome its influence. I started with a reminder that my truth is love. Well, I believe everyone’s truth is love; we just go through lapses of varying lengths of forgetfulness.

I believe I am a spiritual being having a physical human experience to discover the truth of who I am in an experiential way. I can choose to see fear for what it is;  an energy and an opposing force to love.  Fear creates obstacles to love, creating opportunities to know Love even deeper. And it has nothing on Love, for love is the ultimate truth; fear is only an illusion. Fear f^#ks us all up! No one is immune. We are all ‘singing songs,’  yearning for the same human values, like freedom, love, safety and health.  When I say ‘singing our songs,” I don’t mean literally, although it can be, many songs are about what we desire. Everything we say/think/do can be seen as a ‘song of desire,’ that yearns to experience values of life. To ingrain this concept into my brain, I draw an S (song) being encompassed within a V (value) on my arm as a way to remind myself to accept (not judge) others.  My acceptance is a willingness to listen to another’s song that sings of a Shared Human Value of Life, that I also desire.  For example, I’ll remember how much I value my own autonomy to make my own choices in life, and to demonstrate how much I value autonomy; I can honor it in others. Autonomy acts like a big blanket value, because for those of us with many freedoms, we have the privilege of a lot of choice and everything we do/say is a choice.

Like I said, this is a strategy I created over years of searching. I am not perfect at implementing it, but I can honestly say it does work for me when I allow it to do its magic.
I hope this may help and inspire you to make your own mindfulness plan that suits you. One last suggestion is to add silliness; spirituality need not be so serious.


Author: Maria

I'm a Metaphysically Mystified mUSe, Masseuse, and Mediator. Cosmic college educated, side-stream explorer, energetic facilitator of healing with a compassionate core. Passionate about promoting peace for all the precious priceless people of the planet while being perposterously playful and present. An aromaticaly Divine hip gypsy.....who surrenders to sound to shape the invisible. Synchronicities rock my world!

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