Comparison Compulsion

Fastest way to feel miserable about yourself..
Compare yourself to someone else…
We perpetuate that pain with our communication
Our incessant addiction with competition
It’s not just fun and games anymore
Everyone’s keeping score
We’re all opponents in the human race
All trying to be “the best” and save face
Who’s the prettiest, smartest, strongest, gentlest?
If we create the above then there also must be
The ugliest, dumbest, weakest, meanest
I can’t help it, I’ll be a hypocrite just to say..
This is way of living together is the stupidest!!

American culture of constant critique
Evaluate, rate, compare, compete
Comparison compulsion
Sustaining separation
Heart breaking division

Why Weigh?

(click on collage for a closer view)

Think I analyze too much, need to chill out, not make such a fuss?
Well I certainly don’t see it creating peace and happiness
And isn’t that like the purpose of life…happiness?

Because we even compare who has suffered the most devastation
And decide who is most deserving of human compassion
We pretend that our experiences are so uniform and easily categorized
Ignore countless conditions and circumstances that make it so individualized
I agree that acknowledging the blessings we have that others do not
Increases our life’s appreciation
Gives us perspective and grows our compassion
Everyone is worthy of love for the pain of their own

I have thunked A LOT about this..
I just can’t see how competition serves much of a purpose, but I don’t downplay achievement
There are so many other options to acknowledge and celebrate accomplishment
Celebrating people, places, things individually without comparative assessment
Some schools stopped standardized testing and rating for how it suppresses natural advancement
We can be encouraged to live up to our potential without pressure to outperform a classmate

And if we really treated our more formal competitions like actual games
Athletes under pressure to perform wouldn’t inject poison into their veins
Kids who fumbled the winning goal wouldn’t feel shame
If it really were, just a game

In a world where everything is turned into a chance to compete
Business’s treat employees like slaves to avoid defeat
Only measure success by how profitable in their market
What about making a meaningful contribution to society and giving a sh!t?!?!
Any idea how much less gossip, cat fights, and insecurity
IF we weren’t obsessed with deciding who is pretty
And prettier
And prettiest
We’d all be BFF’s
If we weren’t so ridiculous
We are all gorgeous
let’s get over it!!
And just learn to appreciate
Use our time wise and not rate

And really do we want to see another Bravado displayed bar fight
You are all man enough no matter how fat your wallet or your height
You don’t have to raise your voice to earn respect and prove you are right
It’s not weak or womanly, it’s just humanly to be considerate and polite
This planet pumped up on a patriarchal power trip really bites
Let’s even the scales and create a blended balance of divine delight

I know I’m asking us to rewire how we talk and delete years of programming
Not everyone is into it or up to it and I accept and will continue my translating
I will learn to express with more gentleness about how I wish to be, without any expectation
The melody my rants screech off key is a desire to share soul feeling resonation
Anger covering despair that all this competitiveness is f&$ing with potential connection

I feel this when something or someone is called “better” or “the best”
Or to our adjectives we add an “er” or an “est”
Makes me wonder what you actually liked
I find those kinds of words vague and ambiguous,
All the “er” and “est” really say is that you judged and decided who or what is victorious
It seems expressing feelings and thoughts with words has become too tedious?
Although haven’t we been trying to have more time with all our conveniences?
So then maybe there would be some space to articulate and be expressive?

All this on and on and on about our words…..
It’s my driven desire to revive the Art of Communication
Add unimaginable depth to Human Connection
Utilize our ability to add alliteration to aid our articulation
Honor and unearth our untapped reservoirs of verbal creation

So we can share with one another
Understand more about each other

What makes us come alive?
What kind of pain have we survived?
What sets our souls on fire?
What fills us with passionate desire?

Instead of telling me what songs you think are the best
Would you share what you feel when you hear them, then I don’t have to guess?

Let’s connect over a FEELING
When have you felt…
Moved, riveted, touched, anxious, concerned, blown-away, inspired, enraged, enlivened,

We share so many Human Values
What meets your need for…
Connection, Understanding, Clarity, FUN, Play, Safety, Trust, LOVE, Beauty, Support, Pleasure

All this connection would replace the nonstop competition
Everyone’s contributions would warrant celebration
We’d all be encouraged to rise to the occasion
Share our uniquely special spark of creation
Of which there is no comprehensible way to even attempt a comparison

Our World would shine with
Communal cooperative Co-creative Collaboration
We’d be a Unified
Friendly Family Fixated on Fascination


Author: Maria

I'm a Metaphysically Mystified mUSe, Masseuse, and Mediator. Cosmic college educated, side-stream explorer, energetic facilitator of healing with a compassionate core. Passionate about promoting peace for all the precious priceless people of the planet while being perposterously playful and present. An aromaticaly Divine hip gypsy.....who surrenders to sound to shape the invisible. Synchronicities rock my world!

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