Right and Wrong

Why do we fight?
7 Billion rights
7 Billion wrongs
Is it any wonder we don’t get along?

Since we were babes we were told
By our ancestors moral code we were schooled
So depending on who raised you
What environment nurtured you
All of it affected you
Formed what you believe true

We think we are the ones that got it all figured out
Ready to make a declaration or an accusation without a doubt
As if with our view can see every perspective
We’re certain on what complies with the moral objective

Only our religion and its prophets know the truth
Our sense of social appropriateness is considered couth
My culture’s way to live is the best
What is cool to me is better than the rest

We all want to feel assured that our way is right and we’re good
In this black and white world it seems this is the way we should
We all get caught up in duality
Seeking order and reliability
How to live out our morality
Dubious deliberating through diversity
Considering countless circumstances confuses certainty

Lead with empathy 004

(click on collage for a closer view)

Hot and cold, black and white
How about we set our sights
On a warm and colorful field
75 and sunny
With red roses and yellow daises
Where we could meet
Out beyond rightdoing
And wrong doing
Rumi invited us there
To step outside the black and white
The obsession with who and what is right
Here we’ll discover our inherent inter-connection
Celebrate Shared Human Values and propel evolution
Everyone desires and deserves Freedom, Health and Safety
We all Value Contribution, Happiness, Expression and Equality
Everyone can experience these life qualities
If for everyone we hold them equally
No one is fully free unless all are free
This kind of care comes easily
Consideration flows naturally
If you believe we’re really
One big Family

We can repair this Division
With euphoric unification
And here is my contribution..
I’m ready to lead with empathy
Offer a resolution remedy
And just maybe
You’ll decide to join me 😉


Author: Maria

I'm a Metaphysically Mystified mUSe, Masseuse, and Mediator. Cosmic college educated, side-stream explorer, energetic facilitator of healing with a compassionate core. Passionate about promoting peace for all the precious priceless people of the planet while being perposterously playful and present. An aromaticaly Divine hip gypsy.....who surrenders to sound to shape the invisible. Synchronicities rock my world!

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