Lead with Blame or Lead with Empathy Towards Celebrity? Part 1

To refresh your memory of what is not empathy
First I’ll share my vicious venting
Which required releasing
Then Accepting and Forgiving could flow naturally
And my heart can perform at full capacity offering sincere, heart- centered empathizing

Easy Targets
Oh look an already well above the average salary celebrity
And they are going to endorse THAT company?!?
AND that one is going to start their own company!!
Um this sh!t is real, you are NOT playing a game of monopoly
There is NO actual NEED for ANOTHER gizmo, garment, or gadget to add to a bloated bulging industry
Plenty of gifted hard-working people trying to make their dream come true, leave some opportunity!
And our planet is being raped for resources, is your product such a necessity?
Do you consider ethical business practices, sweat shops
high fructose corn syrup and GMO crops?
Or just how much cash your endorser will drop?
Are the big executives screwing you over that badly?
They making millions off your talent… not being paid fairly?
So you turn around and prey on consumers with your capitalist versatility?
Taking notes from corporations who are always hungry ?
Open your eyes the people who buy your stuff are going broke!
Don’t you remember what it was like to walk in shoes of everyday folk?
Has fame turned you into such an out of touch bloke?

I’m trying encourage true Happiness, stuff just weighs you down like too much gravity
Like anyone will hear me over the ads for your brands, thanks for f^$king my plan up
I’m trying to share that we are not slaves to our physicality
We need to accept ourselves, be healthy and celebrate our Divinity!
And you’re demo-ing for the kids how to use your body to seduce everyone and one up!

There’s a lot of work to be done if we want to create things like Equality and Peace
Ohhh right that’s my unpaid expectation, just go use your fans loyalty to make more cheese

warrior-wisdom 001

(click on collage for a closer view)


Show Offs
Do you remember those kids
Who loved to show off?
Were you one of them?
Or were you rolling your eyes at them?
Even judging them?
Were you jealous?
Did you idolize them?

You know the story
Parents are loaded
They take private lessons
Go on exotic vacations
And then they strut around like their God’s gift to the Earth
As if they earned it all themselves
Without mommy and daddy’s money
That’s what my shadow thinks about of a lot of stars
Showing off their hot bodies
Often with digital enhancement
So not even honestly
To people many, many income brackets below,
The people they can barely see atop their greek pillars
Like their fans
Who played a part in their fame
Who are being fed poison
To be fattened up
dumbed down
over medicated
side effect effected
Personal trainers,
Meditation teachers,
Yoga instructors,
Maids, cooks, nannies, tutors,
Hair stylists, make-up artists
Nutritional, image and fashion consultants
Personal assistants, expensive cosmetics
Injections and surgeries,
Professional photographers with lighting specialists
Very few have perfectly caloric calculated meals delivered to their doors

And people with all that have the balls to be show off’s?!?!?!

WHY DOES EVERYTHING have to be so “perfect?”
Do really believe that what God created is in need of that much enhancement and embellishment?

JUST in this country, millions are suffering in the age of an obesity epidemic very, very much contributed to by our cheap chemical food system of GMO’s, sodium chloride, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenation…..exasperated by the manipulation in our marketing to coerce people to spend as much time as possible being stationary staring a screen, often while being very loyal fans to you! And they are being significantly impacted by the stress of our financial cluster f^$k!! It’s like showing off your diploma that your parents paid for you to get, which yes you also did a lot of work to earn too, yet you are prancing it around in front of a group of people who went to poor schools, didn’t have much or any parental encouragement in their education and now try and survive on minimum wage.

There is a difference between showing off and celebrating, at least to me there is. The connotations that arise when I think of showing off, “I’m better than you and I want you to know it!” Celebrating to me is more about sharing the joy that accompanies accomplishment with another without comparing. Everyone is included in the happiness.

Wanna play Truth or Dare with me?
Its your turn
I’ve already taken mine

Truth: Admit publicly to the amount of money, resources, time, energy, staff and all the digital editing that supports you in being healthy and that aids in the aesthetics of your appearance.

Dare: Share a picture of yourself RAW with no make-up, un touched out of bed hair, in your coziest most worn out clothes, without air brushing, and by an amateur photographer.

And I promise to empathize and mediate between you and your “fans” and the critics who will tear you down like third grade meanies.

Either way I think you would be contributing a lot to transparency, which contributes to less assumptions and judgments, an increase in acceptance and self-worth which leads to less comparing, deprecation and defense, and would just amp up the overall level of honesty and equality, and all that together would help to encourage more peace on our planet!

You would be coming down to stand with US, off the tower, where you are such an obvious and easy target for people to treat like you are not human deserving of consideration and compassion, because when you are up there you don’t really seem to be mortal.
Is approaching someone in this manner likely to encourage them to really hear my feelings and concerns? Um no! Will this lead to a respectful conversation where everyone acknowledges each others needs and can work together to create a peaceful solution that holds everyone’s needs equally? I would not bet on it!

And now…another option…
Leading with Empathy

Pretty assuming and cruel
Thought by a hypocritical fool
Surely all my pokes have got to sting
I swear my heart is begging to leave the ring
Does your poisoned brain say sh!t like this too?
Similarly screwed up and scared spitting a sinister spew
Poor and lazy, rich and greedy
Don’t labels make you feel loved and cozy?
We all need mental mending and snuggle time with Rosie.

Do you feel hurt, pissed, annoyed, discouraged,
Scared, disappointed, irritated, sad…
In reaction to all my self-righteous blaming?
I feel all those human emotions too, and have done plenty of self-shaming
I have been able stay centered in love, but I’m a fumbly human
My own pain trips me up and I lose it
Guilt serves no purpose, it doesn’t heal wounds or soothe pain
Just perpetuates it
I will not apologize for my feelings, I own them as mine.
And I will not apologize for valuing equality, health, responsibility, acceptance, honesty,
transparency, equal opportunity, humane working conditions, and sacred sexuality.
Because I desire them for everybody
And that’s why I get so angry
I don’t think the way this fame thing turned out is helping anybody
I am very sorry
I treated you very poorly

Hmm how about some research and consideration
This Hollywood Hooplah started before our generation
Seems to me a lot of pain, inequality, insecurity, and isolation
Fueled a lot of entertaining creation
People were mesmerized into idolization
“Tidal waves couldn’t save the world from Californication”

So what is it like in your shoes???
Your dream came true..time to party!
Clay galore and tons of possibility
Whatever you imagine can become reality
Enticing opportunity
Money made easily
Never asked for this much responsibility
Wanna celebrate rising above adversity
Cherish unlimited human creativity
Utilize attention, make your own exclusivity
Especially when overcoming prejudice with intact dignity
Saw that in America material success certifies you worthy

We are not required to abide by rules from History
Nothing we do could ever taint our Divinity
I am here to tell you, you are ALL AMAZING
Love, Happiness, and Abundance DESERVING!
There’s another way of living we’re birthing
Everyone’s self -worth is super solid and reassured
And substitutes for love are no longer desired


Coming soon..even more empathy for all Celebrities!!


Author: Maria

I'm a Metaphysically Mystified mUSe, Masseuse, and Mediator. Cosmic college educated, side-stream explorer, energetic facilitator of healing with a compassionate core. Passionate about promoting peace for all the precious priceless people of the planet while being perposterously playful and present. An aromaticaly Divine hip gypsy.....who surrenders to sound to shape the invisible. Synchronicities rock my world!

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