Reelynn’s Poetry

Divine Collective Consciousness

Slash away all the fear

I so wish and wished for us to be near

Numb the sting of anxiety and let the divine flow

Yup while driving and massaging, fit it in on the go

Unwinding at home, I channel it and it moves me to strive

Let it all become a part of me, save it to my brains hard drive

Yes of course I mourned my undisciplined and undeveloped ability

To turn my oral free flowing  flitterings into a hard copy

Rapid fire insights, integrate, connotate, experience, relate

Where do I even begin, how do I translate? when? wait?

God knows I tried and struggled and I wasn’t purposefully trying to “waste”

Beat myself bitter and broke down, all imaginary I imagined the taste

Yes I escape, I float on up and rest on a heavenly cloud

Feeling you out, could I be a part of that bubbled crowd?

Inside I allow for connection so comforting and soothing

Oh my I monopolize our conversation, all annoyed and fuming?

Next day wake up and juggle with obvious reality

Each new day another gift to re-remember with synchronicity


Shadow Speak

Slippery serenity, a stuck scapegoat

Deserted without even a row boat

Sneak a peek, laugh at my trap, call me lazy

Considered maybe your perceptions are hazy?

All who have felt appreciation

blocked it with my deprecation

My shadow when drunk on fear

Will lash at you if you get too near

A double crossing defense attorney

Turns on me to intensify insecurity

When defending me, her wicked wit will strike

When too weak, wounded and wailing to rewrite

You’d think she’d have her full of whipping

Got reserves for my own private ripping

mind meandering

Permeable walls allow me to be accessed

for how long I wonder without awareness

Already in debt to your devotes

Catch up or you’ll never get release

Behind in payments for my oblivious ignorance

don’t know what you talkin bout, wanna dance?

I can’t feed or fathom all the expectation

Are we all getting along? I think mediation

Too mushy or touchy feely for some

Sincerely I accept autonomy for everyone

I’ll integrate some formulas and principles

Find a system to help me unite diversified rebels

The others I have attacked and ranted at

driving them deeper into their counter attack

Sharing awareness with those under a spell of manipulation

If delivered without consideration, increases retaliation

And I have been there too, circumstantial sheltered bubble land

Most don’t know what their missing and where to find a helping hand

Even if you do, beware the orientation comes with hazing

Hahaha, you’ve never heard of that? You’re not worth saving

Mock our bubble and all us born in too

We could only absorb what gets through

I borrowed down I did, I found a crack

Tried to compensate for awareness I lack

A couple of college years to blast my bubble

Added to my life a pile of random rubble

Maybe my methods and attention seem off the mark

Will things change with politics or people’s change of heart

I know my mind and its current intelligence capabilities

Leave that to those who retained their history studies

Please share with me, I don’t want to stay in the dark

Worse than I can even comprehend, we have many a shark!!

I do what I can to participate politically; I know I am not capable

To meander through a system that’s too distorted to untangle

MUCH appreciation for those who watch and stay tuned

Does your hope get thrashed, scared are we doomed?

Already at my brim with anger at all the poison and the stuff, stuff, stuff!!

Would we be in such a mess without this drive to have way more than enuff?

I watch and see self worth wither and conflict convolute while under this spell

Mourn my mental connotations pointing fingers, it’s really all of us, can’t you tell?

We all get distracted and try to find something outside to fill up our cup

We ALL came here with a divenly unique purpose to shake this place up

Living that out there is no measure

Pure potent honest pleasure

BTW, I have friends I love dear, they wear heels, with matching bags and stay in fashion

Got real worried my expression of woman got hijacked along with the definition of feminine

So many varieties of V’s, with acceptance and autonomy we can unite into a W

Whoa-mans populating half the planet, Be –You ti Full, every single one of you, it’s true

I know people like a sociologist, not into gossip or politics

Look in eyes and listen without alterior motives or sneaky tricks

My shadow can intensify with isolation, still it can’t hold a candle to my Love and Purposeful Passion

Planet Earth presence with Precious priceless people, my heart flows out with Compassion


My truth delivered with heavy emotion

Igniting mental fires and commotion

Everyday I wake up and wonder what was real

Will I figure out how to overcome this rare deal

I know there are super succulent sweet parts too

am so scared I’ll never taste them on you

Wonder who hears, are you a group with members?

Do you meet and discuss what you remember?

May I have some comfort while I try and figure this out?

I get how easily I am misunderstood and why you doubt

Whatever gurgled up out of my imagination

Was not born out of ill intention

My mind meanders and makes connotations that I can’t even follow

Stories, rants, and monologues, guess my plan is looking hollow

Oh am so sad that I wasn’t better at hearing a response

When in person I can give such attention and presence

I assumed most were supremely pissed and very impatient

So I went on defense, not who I choose to be to outwardly vent

Logistical circumstances like everyone else, out of balance, hesitation

Desire Understanding and Acceptance, allow me time for explanation?

Am I ready? I know I’ll never be enough for everyone

I’m emotionally volatile at times I’ve wished for a gun

Save yourselves from me

I only bring misery

What if I really don’t have it in me and I take you down too

I’m up, down, indecision, return again chew on what to do

And so lonely, I get it, it’s my path, doesn’t mean I have to always like it

Abnormal in more ways than I want to detail, when will I ever feel I fit

Welcomes not entirely warm, my oblivion they’ll attack

Not so easily understood for all the knowledge I lack

Even if not intended, been so warped and weary

Clueless or not I’ve been fighting loads of dreary

Mean moron you missed our messages, oh me so guilty

I do believe though, Oblivion orchestrates originALLity

All for me? Very sweet to say, but really?

Dissection and confusion metaphorically or literally

Searched literary terms on wiki…haha me so scholarly

State of mind, ditractoid , miss a word, not a bar from a note, even music not real clearly

Concerned, not just a crazy kook, conceited too

Inclusive Interconnection expanding out from me and you

We are all Divine, it’s even in the book

It’s my battle cry, or maybe my hook?

Not wiggling out of my fate

Or purposely trying to be late

Definitely have believed I am a conceited crazy kook

At least my imagination is boundless spiced with spook


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