mUSe Mission


Inside all of us resides the Oneness of us All

A word made of me and us

Expresses a fusion of collective collaboration.

 I am choosing to be someone who is helping us realize our potential to experience Peace and Unity on this planet.

I can understand and empathize if you feel skeptical or think I am unrealistic and I would guess you are quite aware of the overwhelming amount of challenges we face,  however I have found that I am only truly happy and fulfilled when I am being of service and committed to helping and healing.

To maintain my passionate perseverance of my peace-filled purpose I prefer a preposterously playful approach in personifying myself.

So I declare that

I Am…

A Mystical, Medicinal, Muse in Motion

Made of many musElements:

 Medicinal Mending Masseuse

Mediator and Peace Educator

Maker (Writer/Artist) 

This blog is comprised of my writing and art aimed at awakening our innate compassion and helping us to heal and create peace. Please visit  My Collages page and ReeLynn’s Poetry page if interested in exploring what I make 🙂

More on me as a Muse 

In Greek mythology acknowledgment was given to those who tended passions and encouraged creation of all art forms. I used this ancient occupation as a source of inspiration as I re-vitalized the role and re-created myself into a 21st Century Muse. I expanded the idea beyond inspiration sensing the value of nurturing; believing that attention given to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health would be reflected in the receiver’s overall well- being and their expression.

When in the presence of live music I show up as an active audience participant, not only will I receive artistic entertainment but also experience an energetic exchange. I intentionally send healing energy to help support musicians as they share and bare their soul in their song.

This is something I can actually do with anyone and fortunately many others have realized their innate abilities to use the energy that surrounds us and comprises the entire Universe to heal and renew themselves and others. To help me rediscover these gifts I choose the path to become a Reiki Master, while honoring all paths to unearthing energetic powers as valid and valuable.

It is my intention to instigate transcendence by encouraging others to experience  the magical melding of movement and music.

I surrender to sound to shape the invisible

Since I was 5 and “borrowed” my siblings ghetto blasters to play tapes of 80’s popular music, which included a lot of Madonna and Michael Jackson, I was in love with dance. I have grown to embrace many styles of music which allow for unlimited ways to synchronize my body with sound.

I’M a mUSe for…



All genres I’ll savor

I’ll get down

to whatever sound

Anywhere my sisters and brothers are needing mending and igniting, I’ll mUSe with them. For any human doing the best they can with what they got, to survive and thrive on Earth, I’’d like to offer to help  them heal and inspire innovative creativity.

I would not turn down an opportunity to traverse the globe with some majestic musicians while supporting them through their troubadour trials and tribulations. There is a yearning inside of me to give nurturing assistance to the creation of music and its incredible potential as a force of healing and awakening on our planet.

Simply I am a Whoa-man and a Mother…

who is deeply concerned with the state of the world and wants to shift how our culture is developing  through revolution, serene silliness and a passion for peace.

I want to share my truth without projecting it on to others,

while simultaneously urging everyone on their own journey to find their truth.

I want to encourage unconditional self-love and acceptance and help expand our hearts towards the  capacity for Universal Love

I want to serve however I am called to encourage Peace

I believe we are  a Divine Family.

All Sisters and Brothers, Sons and Daughters of A Divine Mama and Papa.

And I think we need family counseling!!

My ReQuest

Would you be willing to acknowledge your Truth of LOVE??

Your fantastical fumbly foibles?? Your incredibly unique existence??

And your integral role in creating Peace for the Whole?

Wanna mUSe with me?


In Love and Light,

with deepest sincerity and respect


(childhood nickname: Re (2nd syllable of Ma-ri-a) + middle name: Lynn = ReeLynn)


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